Lighting! Different rooms, different lighting - what you need to consider...

Did you know what you choose for each room when it comes to lighting, really changes the way you "see" that room and how it makes you feel?  I'm a lamp person, I love the soft source of glow they make and usually calms me and makes the room more inviting to me and to guests.

We recently redesigned a kitchen on Long Island, and basically the whole kitchen was ripped out and I never thought to look "up." Fran & Jackie took creative control of this tired, old and out-dated kitchen and during the construction process, and it was transforming so perfectly.  Then they asked the contractor to move the position of the high hats.  And my internal initial thought was, "Really?" I thought they looked great and positioned fine.  Well, lighting, as I am blogging about today, means so much more.  We positioned the new spots for the high hats very strategically; based on counter length, window placement, the position of the center island with bar height stools, appliance placement, that when we were done, I truly could not believe the difference in how the kitchen look & felt!

You should have a good mix of lighting in each room.  Light sources for ambience, while some light sources for more functional tasks like dressing, cooking, reading etc. 

Living Room: Choosing down-facing lamps are best, while if you have a chaise or club chair you do some kicking back and reading, a nice tall floor lamp works best too. And maybe have an overhead fixture that you add a dimmer switch to.

Dining Room: A single - eye level - over head chandelier is my favorite.  You want the center of your focus to be the middle of the table and the room.  Also with this room, adding wall sconces on either side of your curio or wall painting is subtle too.

Kitchen: Use high hat lighting specifically placed like mentioned above, pendant lighting for your center island or breakfast bar counter area, under LED lighting under the cabinets.  All these lighting sources enhance any ambience or function!

Bedroom: Love the flanking table lamps for either side of the bed, a floor lamp near your closet or mirror for dressing, and I love a ceiling fan that has a light on it when you want something more bright at  times.

Bathroom: Track lighting above your mirrored cabinet or mirror above the sink and a single light high hat in the shower is key.  Two lights is too bright and no lights is no good!

Hope this helps!