Marble or not to Marble? That IS the question!

Noticing the new hot trend these days?  White white and more white for your kitchen.  Remember when all we wanted to do was add warmth and rich color and texture to our future remodeled kitchen?  Well thats over with.

However, marble countertops are gaining momentum in the remodeling of kitchens all over the country.  Especially on Long Island.  When you speak to people and vendors, its almost like either people really don't know the consequences of choosing marble countertops, and sometimes outright just shy you away from it.

Here's the deal.  I am really loving marble.  Carrara Marble is the more "grey" of the (2) marbles - the other is Calacatta Marble which is more "white".  Carrara I like better because it has softer "veins" and to my eye less bold in color.

Honed marble is more matte and polished marble, is just that - more polished.  More people lean toward getting honed marble for their kitchen because it absorbs more of the "etching" or scratching that typically takes place in a kitchen.  So naturally over time, your countertop will have scratches on it.  Marble is less expensive than granite and quartz!

The problem...or potential problems...while its the hottest trend and looks fabulous, you need (in my opinion) to be 1 of the 2 types of people that should choose marble.  Number 1, a neat, Type A, obsessive compulsive cleaner OR number 2, barely cook.

While staining takes a bit (its a process)-  just leaving a damp bar cloth that is any color other an white, can stain your countertop.  Lemons, red wine, sauce, even spices that get wet and you don't wipe up right away will stain your countertop!  So this is something to consider!

So I learned a lot about marble, and it really looks beautiful!  But you need to self-assess the type of person you are and whether or not you are prepared for the consequences!