Area Rug Placement

Area Rug Placement - What are the "rules?" Here are some general tips!

I recently purchased an 8'x10' rug for my living room, and I was not sure if I should purchase a 5'x7' or an 8'x10'.  Well, it turns out the 8'x10' is just too big.  I should have reviewed Piazza di Cappa's tips BEFORE I purchased my fabulous rug!  Here are some general guidelines to live by!

  • We recommend using tape to place on the floor of your desired room to see where the rug would fall around your furniture placement.  I actually have used books to corner off each corner and used my imagination from there!
  • All Legs On - for a dining room/kitchen table buy an area rug that is large enough to cover when you get into your chair and you push your chair out to get up.
  • Some Legs On - your rug should be large enough to slide under the front two legs of your sofa/couch/chairs.  This ties your furniture with your rug and anchors a room.
  • No Legs On - your furniture placement for this style should be placed around the small rug (think sitting area, small living room).  The rug should be the focus and consider choosing a "statement" rug to pop the room.
  • Rugs for Bedroom Placement - If you have nightstands that flank your bed, use the same rule under "some legs on."  The front of the nightstands should be on the rug for placement.  Also, you should have about a foot to a foot and a half on either side of your bed to ensure an even look.

Hope this helps!!!