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Paint Color Selection: What's important? How do you choose?

Everyone knows that when creating and designing a blank slate space room, you ask yourself, "Should I paint? And what color do I use?"  I always lean toward a neutral palette, beiges, taupes, etc.  Because I always think its a rich, common theme, where I can use "my accents" to pop the room.  For example, I love the color Stonehouse by Benjamin Moore.  I pretty much ran it throughout my house.  But what I failed to see was that while I can still use a "neutral palette" when choosing my colors, I can go more bold!  Piazza di Cappa taught me some tips as to how to choose your paint color - here you go!

  • First, choose your furniture, piece of artwork, rug or accessory for that room.  Truly, the paint color should follow that specific piece you are adding to your room - this will be your "muse." 
  • What do you want the mood to be when you enter the room?  Is this paint selection for your dining room?  Maybe something more open and cheery would be best? Think about it.
  • Think about the lighting in the room.  Does it have a lot of windows, so there is an abundance of natural light?  If so, the room will show the truest of color, so in this case a bold color may be too overpowering.
  • Choosing a decorative finish adds depth and texture to any room and livens up any flat appearance of paint.
  • Paint Finish - we like to use an eggshell on wall and trims, while using a satin or semi-gloss on trim.

Just a few tips from Francine and Jacqueline! Hope this helps guide you in your kick off to creating your new fabulous space!

Till next time,