Velvet. Still relevant? Classic? Let's talk...

The above photo caught my eye from  Fall is on its way and all I can think of "warming" up my living room with more lush fabrics.  Velvet evokes a sense of luxury and richness for me.  Using this texture when designing a room, is definitely not passé....its very much alive.  We just have to use this great fabric in the right element.

Velvet is a fabric that is woven in a way that creates tiny, densely packed fibers that stand up from the back of the cloth.  Silk velvet is a great option for drapes since its softer and finish drapes well.

Great ways to utilize velvet include; accent chairs, drapes and pillows.  Incorporating this lush fabric with drapes definitely warm up any room.  As we discussed in our posts on our Facebook page and in this blog, adding floor-to-ceiling drapes is the way to go - especially with velvet drapes!  Velvet drapes are often thicker than cotton or linen and also keep out the drafts a window can give off.  Using a heavy drape in a dramatic color truly makes a statement as well as adding the element of sophistication.

Another idea is to use doorway velvet curtains in an entry with glass doors - this gives an inviting & layered look.  You can use this idea as well in a bathroom.  Using a velvet drape off to the side with hardware warms up a bathroom, as well as giving you the privacy you need.

Remember there are different weights of velvet, and when choosing your drapes, you need to take this into consideration.  In order for the drape to hang right, you need to consider the weight, location and type of velvet to make your room look the best it can!  Meeting with your interior designer - Piazza di Cappa - Francine and Jacqueline will discuss all your options for you with the many different styles and varieties to choose from!